London, UK – The era of digital mobile and mobile Internet has truly arrived, with all global entities investing heavily in this trend, the banking industry is no exception. DB3, a world-renowned digital bank recently launched its digital asset management mobile app, and plans to gradually integrate its business developmentRead More →

He was not embarrassed for getting his wife’s tampons but felt her frustration. CEO Cha majored in Materials Science and Engineering. After graduation he worked at TCK(Toray chemical)’s Research Engineering department and makes menstruation pads.  (Click Pad view) These pads have absorbent polymers for absorbs blood. It can leads to dehydratesRead More →

(August 21, 2020) – From instant buying of cryptocurrencies to most profitable exchange rates, the Raido community has many plus points to offer its members. The Raido token based community is now thriving and welcomes new members to try out its many comprehensive services and secure tools. Raido members enjoyRead More →

In August 2020, NP LION, a global digital asset derivatives exchange, has opened. NP LION is attracting attention by building a user-friendly system. Anyone can easily and conveniently trade digital assets by using a simple and easy-to-understand UI/UX system. NPLION.COM Key services include: 2way and 3way Option-Trading for one- minuteRead More →

“Global Agent Recruitment”Continues to Help Investors Manage Financial Affairs Quickly and Safely Influenced by the global economic stimulus, facing the US trade sanctions, the full outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, and the weakening of the US dollar, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the foreign exchange market is relatively strong, and most ofRead More →

VG Fund Management (VGFM) recently announced its intention to launch the impending second investment tranche for its newly set-up fund; VG Precious Metals and Crypto Fund. It is understood that the second investment tranche would signal a movement into “Crypto Banking” by VGFM with a top cryptocurrency bank. VGFMRead More →