Whisky-free whisky has joined the rank of milk-free dairy and beef-free burgers

Defined by what is doesn’t entail rather what it does, whisky-free whisky has joined the rank of milk-free dairy, plant base meat and fishless fish in a growing roaster of polarizing food


The maker of the ‘’ world first molecular whisky ‘’ – which promise all the flavor and taste of a regular glass of whisky minus the whisky. Using the molecular makeup of a glass of whisky as its starting point , the company says it created its product by adjusting ‘’molecular flavor compounds’’, using naturally derived sustainable ingredients, to produce the smoothest whisky minus the alcohol.- appears to be poised as a serious whisky contender. Arkay founded in 2011 is the pioneer of the whisky-free whisky, and alcohol-free liquor revolution.


With this ‘’ reverse -engineered ‘’ whisky without whisky (which behave like regular whisky and can be used in the same application).  While the number of liquor drinkers diminish years after year, ravage of past and climate change and disease are putting increase pressure on supply.


Alcohol consumption across the globe fell 1.6% in 2018, according to data from IWSR.


As alcohol consumption declines, low- and non-alcoholic drinks offer an opportunity to appeal to consumers who don’t want to drink as much.


In the U.S., only 0.5% of the total beverage alcohol market are low- or no-alcohol brands.


This summer when it comes time to celebrate with friends, it’s more likely someone in the group will be raising a glass with a beverage that doesn’t have alcohol.


The trend coincides with changing consumer tastes, as more people try to eat and drink healthier and follow low-carb diets like keto. The term “sober curious” has become popular as a way to identify those who want to stop or reduce their alcohol intake for wellness reasons.


Alcohol consumption across the globe fell 1.6% in 2018 to 27.6 billion cases, according to data from IWSR, which tracks alcohol trends. Non-alcoholic beverages other than soda, which has also seen its consumption fall, offer restaurants and drink makers the opportunity to capitalize on a trend that could otherwise hurt their bottom line.


Mocktails have been around for decades, and non-alcoholic beers have been around even longer, thanks to Prohibition. But more players are entering the market as the trend gathers steam with younger generations. According to IWSR data, the most frequent consumers of low- and no-alcohol drinks are between 21 to 44 years old — an age bracket that mostly includes millennials, with some Generation X consumers — and male.


In the U.K., low- and no-alcohol brands only represent 1.3% of the country’s total beverage alcohol market, according to IWSR. In the U.S., that number is even smaller: 0.5%. More popularity overseas means that most companies launching a no- or low-alcohol drink start there.


For example, ArKay Beverages launched its alcohol-free liquor first in the U.S. Then it rolled out elsewhere in Europe, including the U.K., before hitting Australia at the beginning of the year — just in time for Dry January.


“The United States was poised for a product like this, with health and well-being being a larger consumer trend. It’s really taken off, and people are really excited to have something like this’’ said Sylvie Grattagliano Arkay ’President Arkay has been marketing 0 %ABV liquor to liquor drinkers who enjoy the taste of a liquor but aren’t always in the mood or setting to consume alcohol. Part of that strategy includes putting Arkay 0 % ABV next to other liquor products in retailers, not in the alcohol-free beer section that is usually more difficult to locate.


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