What is FRESKAU ?

During the past few years , there has been a growing market for new ideas in entrepreneurship , various success stories already caught the attention of many . In the year 2016 , many small musical movements came together to connect for the creation of a bigger movement called “ Freskau “ . At first , the name just went around with no one really understanding its meaning and purpose.

On their website , www.freskau.com , there is a page dedicated on explaining to the origin of Freskau and how it grew to become a market . The first person to quote the word “Freskau” was Dj Fresh from the land , which is a very influent dj on soundcloud , mostly known for creating his own little genre. Back in 2016 , a lot of underground Djs started showing their support for Freskau which at that time was believed to be the creation of a new lane of music but also the launch of a new market.

Little by little we started seeing , singers , bands , beat makers , clothing lines posting their affiliation with Freskau but no one knew what it was for sure . In the year 2017 , the album “Freskau love” by Kreyonbox music became one of the first surge of the movement and attracted more other movements to join . Kazeats Food also seemed to have joined the Freskau World around 2017 after a post we seen on their instagram . Other important entities that shown affiliation with Freskau are : Zeebido design , More Asking Network , Jwein Network , Teekomiko , Swagadicts clothing , Kapee Hats , Party Kings Present , Teekomiko and artistes like Teeneessa , Dj Boks Freskau , Dj Eqma , Dj Teesee , Lil Fresk , Digi Feelings, John Party Kings.

The Freskau market has been influenced by a lot of other sectors over the last year . Real estate abd energy companies have claimed to be affiliated with their market which created a lot of resentment from the musical and entertainment sector. Bob Party Kings and Digi Feelings have been very vocal over the fact that Freskau is deflecting from its original purpose . The counter arguments are pointing at the fact that Freskau never had an actual purpose and it should not be categorized as entertainment only. The best way to keep up with updates is to check their website www.freskau.com where you find all the information you need.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Freskau
Contact Person: Tony Becker
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website Url: http://www.freskau.com/

Source: www.PRExhibition.com

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