ANTUSDT Announced the Official Launch of ANTC Privacy Coin at a Press Conference in London

London, UK – Recently, ANTUSDT has announced the launch of ANTC Privacy Coin in London. Wilson, ANTUSDT’s PR Manager hosted the event. ANTC coin is a coin jointly issued by ANT Network and ANTUSDT. It can be traded and exchanged for USDT on the ATNUSDT platform within a defined period.


ANTC Coin is a decentralized, open source, public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality and is the native cryptocurrency of ANTUSDT. As of today, September 15th, the market value has increased by 7.57 times.

ANTC’s mission is to realize the vision of cryptocurrency by creating a smart, powerful and easy to use payment system. The dream was to create a cryptocurrency that could replace our current financial system that is causing pain around the world. The idea was to create a payment platform that was seamless, instant, secure and robust enough, hence the creation of the ANTC coin.

The ANT Ecosystem focuses on the head project of the privacy chain, with investment from the ANTUSDT Group Foundation. The timing is early, the main network is not yet live, it is now in the early stages of testing and is about to start into the layout of head mining. ANTC has the following advantages.

l  ANTC base user number is large enough, more than 1000 large merchants, more than 400,000 mixed coins official members, is the cornerstone to support the ANTC price.

l  High profitability, few miners, more coins mined per day, fast payback and high returns.

l  Antc will go live on more than 30 exchanges such as huobi, binance, okex, luno, etc. from December 2021 to March 2022 one after another.

l  The mining cycle is long and the total number of ANTC issued is 10 billion pieces, 57% of which are obtained through mining for a long time. See here, investors who have the opportunity to get ANTC coins early you know, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a huge profit. Looking ahead to the 2022 ANTC coin price trend is really exciting and anticipated.

l  ANTC mining is pledged coins + physical miners, once the miners start digging, ANTC market circulation will decrease and the possibility of coin price increase is high.

l  ANTC mining machine residual value is high, the core of ANTC mining machine is the computer side of the cpu, one day do not want to dig the cpu can also be sold for a price.

l  ANTC mining machines do not consume much power and do not make a lot of noise, so they are better managed and operated.

l  ANTC public chain has a high commercial value, ANTUSDT is an open and transparent privacy cloud, ANTC mining machine is a hardware mining to improve privacy arithmetic.


ANTC will be listed on at least one international mainstream digital currency exchange by February 2022 at the latest, which will be an important milestone event in the development of ANTUSDT Group. ANTUSDT has over a thousand large partner merchants worldwide and hundreds of thousands of official members. ANTC has a natural user base. The benefit of issuing the anonymous coin ANTC is that it can both further build In 2022. ANTUSDT Group will have a mixed currency platform, a digital currency exchange, an anonymous coin ANTC, and the acquisition of a local UK bank. It is reasonable to believe that ANTC will be one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency coins in the global digital currency in 2022.


During the launch, ANTUSDT made the following assurances.

l  ANTC coins can be exchanged for USDT at ANTUSDT and traded at specified times before they are fully listed on mainstream exchanges.

l  The purchase of ANTC will be subject to a purchase contract with the user. We are willing to buy back all coins purchased before they are officially listed. The rights of merchants are protected.

l  ANTC coin is a coin issued by ANT Network and ANTUSDT, ATNC coin is recognised as a tangible currency in ANTUSDT and can be traded and exchanged for USDT on the ATNUSDT platform within a specified time frame.


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