Ramon Martinez from Wholesale Sharks holds a successful educational event on real estate

Wholesale Sharks is a company that deals in wholesale real estate. Ramon Martinez is the leading brain behind Wholesale Sharks. He just held the signature “Wholesale Sharks Presents” event where he shed light on his strategies and helped others how they can follow suit.

USA – Ramon Martinez is emerging as one of the most successful real estate agents of modern times. He specifically deals in wholesale real estate. The wholesale real estate market is thriving, it just needs some passionate and hardworking people. That’s exactly what the purpose of this event was. The event was organized so that people could know step by step how Ramon Martinez became a top real estate agent. As the owner of a multi-million dollar real estate company, Wholesale Sharks, Ramon Martinez was rightly qualified to organize this seminar.

Held at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, this real estate educational event was one of a kind. This event is the signature and flagship hosting of Wholesale Sharks. Titled as “Wholesale Sharks Presents”, it was held on 23rd October, aimed at helping people start their own business. This event was the second in line with the Wholesale Sharks Presents events. And so, it was called Wholesale Sharks Presents 2.0.

Wholesale Sharks Presents 2.0 was organized in such a way that people would get the most out of its content and deliverables. The speaker and mentor, Ramon Martinez went up the stage and delivered powerful, inspiring and motivational strategies on how people can start their personal wholesale real estate property.

Martinez shared his early life story on how he became a real estate investor. He said: “I barely used to make my ends meet by breeding English Bulldogs. I want people to let go of the corporate culture, and I encourage you all to start your businesses. I will give back to my community what I’ve learned over the years, managing a multi-million dollar real estate company.

Along with Ramon Martinez, the event also witnessed the presence of Sean Terry. The founder of Flip2Freedom.com. Sean Terry is a former US Marine. He has been in the real estate industry for a number of years now. Sean Terry’s cumulative investment has surpassed over $120 million.

Moreover, Max Jiminez was also a part of this event. Max Jiminez is the co-owner of Max Cash Offers. He had a childhood dream of becoming a leader, and with this company, Max Cash Offers, he has become one. Max is now one of the leading names in the Phoenix wholesale real estate market. Some other speakers include Zak Kepes, Anny Draginova, Jacob Blank, Ricky Morgan, Rodrigo Martinez, and Ruben Valdez.

Wholesale Sharks Presents 2.0 was a successful event. That’s because the audience left with loads of knowledge and information that was shared by Ramon and all the other speakers. This wasn’t the first public event held by Ramon. He has been organizing such educational events in the past while helping as many people as he can. 

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