A Nonprofit Promotional Video Of LEBEN – Smart-Contract-Based Collaboration Platform For Global Medical Industry Launched

Hongkong, Jul 29, 2019 — The promotion video of LEBEN, the smart-contract-based collaboration platform for global medical industry, is released online today. The video mainly describes how fetal congenital heart disease (hereafter referred to as CHD) brings both physical and mental injuries to the patient, and how LEBEN helps to fundamentally prevent CHD by carrying out fetal heart disease screening to prevent the occurrence of CHD through early discovery, diagnosis and treatment before birth.

Picture: CHD seriously affects a patient’s physical health



Picture: CHD seriously affects a patient’s mental health


CHD is a common cardiovascular disease which seriously affects children’s health. According to statistics, there are 20 million newborns annually, but only 30 thousand diagnosticians are available, while most of which are located in well-developed regions. The shortage of medical resources cannot meet the huge demand of prenatal diagnosis and treatment, and hence a large number of CHD patients are unable to receive effective diagnosis or treatment. Due to the status quo, families and even the entire society are carrying heavy burdens.

Picture: A CHD patient brings huge burdens to his/her family


Working with a large hospital in Beijing and applying artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, smart contract technologies, LEBEN develops CHDr., a product which provides auxiliary diagnosis of fetal CHD. Based on AIs ultrasonic image analysis, the product turns CHD experts medical knowledge into exchangeable smart contract by means of computing. This allows primary care doctors to obtain smart contracts to help with the diagnosis of patients, thus effectively increasing the accuracy of screening.


Picture: Early discovery, diagnosis and treatment


Application users in the medical industry are able to undertake trusted exchange and processing of data without changing its ownership this is an innovative characteristic of LEBENs CHDoctor. The value of sensitive data will be maximized, as it can circulate effectively under strict protection. Meanwhile, smart contract will promote the circulation and application of professional medical knowledge, improve medical treatment capability of general practitioners and the non-specialized institution, and accelerate the construction of medical treatment classification system. With the help of value circulation system redesigned by LEBEN, the interest of every party in the process will be completely expressed according to market rules.


Picture: We hope every CHD patient can say out his/her dreams aloud


Currently, LEBEN’s team is helping over 2,000 doctors from 400 hospitals to carry out fetal birth defect smart screening without obtaining data of the patients, bringing down the CHD newborn rate by over 50% in less developed regions. Moreover, LEBEN develops maternity insurance in accordance with this, providing strong support for newborn life quality. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will provide endogenous motives of service innovation for AI, Internet medical service and other fields, as well as the data basis of mode reforms for hospitals, insurance, drug enterprises and other partners. LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people.


About LEBEN:

LEBEN is a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for medical industry that technologically features “trusted data exchange” and “profound sharing of knowledge. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange among different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we developed, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people. Know more at leben.pro.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: LEBEN
Contact Person: Lion
Email: morningstar.editors@gmail.com
Address: 4th floor, B9, Yonghe One Center
Country: China
Website Url: http://leben.pro

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