The Youngest Moroccan Author Hamza El Moutadir Releases His Notable New Book, “The Good Guy She’d Never Date” to Launch January 20th, 2020

Captivating and riveting the notable work “The Good Guy She’d Never Date” reads like a young adult diary to get a man’s needs satisfied.

Mohammedia, Morocco – January 15, 2020 – The notable Moroccan Author, Hamza El Moutadir, announces the release of his next book, “The Good Guy She’d Never Date,” scheduled for premiere January 20, 2020. To order a copy, please visit His previous book is “The Abc’s of Personality Typing” with more than +400 sales published in December 2019 and available on Amazon. Hamza El Moutadir is the youngest Moroccan writer to write and self-publish in English. El Moutadir told media influencer and author, Dr.Melissa Caudle, the reason for writing this game-changing book. Moutadir says, “At first, I was proud of being a Good Guy until my early twenties, where I faced crises on all levels, social, financial, and sexual ones. Things weren’t going well. I was kicked out of the house by myfather when I was eighteen, I was socially ignored, and the only person I truly loved stabbed me in the back. I was frustrated and needed to refocus my life.” El Moutadir’s efforts led to his realization that his problems rested within himself.  “I started coaching the younger generation until I decided to write a book that will leave an impact on them to ge ttheir needs satisfied,”he said. “The Good Guy She’d Never Date,” is a young adult diary developed to give a proven plan based on reality to get a man’s needs satisfied.

According to Hamza El Moutadir, the book covers many questions asked by men nowadays. People who are diagnosed with the “Good Guy Condition” may wonder:

  • How do I ever seem to be giving so much more than Iget?

  • All I wish is to be loved. Is that too much toask?

  • I never do thingsright.

  • She’s always pissed atme.

  • Why notme?

  • She’s never available forsex.

  • Why she prefers someone else thanme?

If any of the above ring a bell, you should read the book “The Good Guy She’d Never Date.”


Born in Mohammedia, Morocco, on September 15, 1996, Hamza El Moutadir completed his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature Studies from the University of Hassan II Mohammedia and Pursued his Master studies in General Psychology and Sexology. Hamza El Moutadir, 23-year-old is the youngest Moroccan writer to release a book in English. He is an accomplished Moroccan Author with a unique writing style that providesa reading experience unlike any other. Hamza is so appreciative and delighted by the positive responses his work has received, he wants to foster that connection with a broader audience, the thing which made him popular on Instagram and other social media. Hamza is looking forward to sharing his current and future works as they come to fruition, but in the meantime, check out some of his bestselling books, “The Good Guy She’d Never Date” and “The Abc’s Of PersonalityTyping.”





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