Vertex.Market Offers Complete P2P Solution for Cryptocurrency Transactions Against Different Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies have become the buzz of the era. Large numbers of Traders around the world are looking for some great returns in the crypto world. But they rarely find a platform for conducting transactions for cryptocurrencies against other forms of payments. Well, Vertex.Market is the top-rated solution for all your crypto transactions. This platform allows traders to sell and buy digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, either using normal bank transfers or with few other advanced payment methods.

Vertex.Market is a peer to peer exchange to serve buyers and sellers from different corners of the world so that they can execute the exchange of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, like US Tether (USDT) with ease. With this platform, you can trade FIAT money such as EUR, USD, or even VES (Venezuela) against Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies. The great news is that these trades are executed at a higher level of security and privacy so that traders can ensure confident transactions. They have solved many of the problems, current p2p marketplaces have. Vertex has for example launched its document vault feature, where users can KYC their counterpart themselves and all documents are stored encrypted within the vault and can be accessed at any time. Additionally, Vertex has a collaboration with Coincover, to allow users to get an insurance for their cryptowallets of up to 50,000 USD.

The Vertex.Market platform is convenient to use, and it follows a unique peer to peer trading concept that is much more streamlined than the one all other platforms do. Traders find it the best choice to buy or sell Bitcoins and make considerable profits online. It is possible to buy Bitcoins from sellers within the country; there is no need to worry about any cross-border activity. Hence, all the trades are executed carefully through this platform.

About Vertex.Market:
Vertex is operating their peer to peer platform since over 1.5 years and has been very successful in the middle east as well as some parts in Europe. Vertex has grown month to month and has by now 15 staff members around the globe working fulltime to make sure, Vertex remains a success and grows further. It offers premium features such as a VIP status, theft and scam insurance and the possibility of using security deposits.

In order to know more about Vertex.Market platform, we asked a few questions from its management team:

Q. How Vertex.Market benefit crypto traders?

A. We offer them a local way of buying cryptocurrency without the need to be associated or connected to any cryptocurrency exchange. With us, traders can for example sell bitcoin with a profit margin.

Q. What makes Vertex.Market stand ahead of the other competitive ecosystems in the crypto market.

A. Vertex has created a streamlined process to conduct peer to peer trades that speed up the process and increase security for sellers and buyers. Vertex also functions in a way, that users do not have to deposit for example Bitcoins into their wallet, before they can sell them but enables sellers to use their external (exchange) wallets.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Vertex Market ltd
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Phone No: +1 415 655 1029
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
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