Canada-Based Sports Nutrition Provider Makes It Possible for Athletes to Break Their Genetic Limits with Accelerated Gai

iMuscle, the CGMP & Health Canada Certified company from Ontario, Canada has developed a Whey Protein Blend with advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix, best suited for both male and female active individuals as well as elite athletes.

Ontario, Nov 10, 2020   – Canadian sports nutrition company iMuscle has developed a Whey Protein Blend with advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix, which can ultimately help individuals break their genetic limits and make accelerated growth possible. imuscle “Europro” whey protein for him and imuscle “Her Whey” protein for her are best suited for males and females respectively, targeting people with an active lifestyle, as well as elite athletes.

iMuscle is a CGMP and Health Canada certified company based out of Ontario, Canada. The company is known for producing a scientifically advanced blend of micro-filtered, ultra-pure, whey protein. Each protein is digested and absorbed at a different rate, allowing the consumer’s body to utilize these high-quality protein substrates over an extended period.

The spokesperson of the company was quoted as saying, “Here at iMuscle, we care about the needs of every person that wants to be fit and healthy. We believe everyone has an athlete inside, no matter if you go to the gym or not. The world and your daily life is your gym.”

According to the spokesperson Dr Kazem Agharazi, “iMuscle wants to be your energy partner when you need it the most. That’s why we’ve developed the iMuscle Whey Protein Blend, which is the only whey protein supplemented with advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix and is a must for the active individual and elite athlete seeking to accelerate their gains!”

The company’s whey protein blend is made with pure Bensdrop dutch chocolate. The company has developed it to be the best tasting whey protein consumers can ever have. Not only does it allow individuals to break their genetic limits, but it also guarantees top production quality.

About the Company

iMuscle is a sports nutrition provider based out of Ontario, Canada. The company offers a lineup of some of the most scientifically advanced and one-of-a-kind nutrition supplements, developed in their CGMP & Health Canada Certified facility in Ottawa. All products made by iMuscle are 100% pure grass-fed protein-based, sweetened with stevia and absolutely NON-GMO.

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