Launches a Booming NFT Platform for Digital Art – Color Pets

ColorPets, a global online community, leverages the blockchain technology and made out a virtual platform for the people who are designers, love pet photography to earn money by their digital artwork photography through blockchain.

ColorPets, is an eminent market of non-fungible tokens, whose sole purpose is to build a remarkable and significant community of pet lovers.

The ColorPets launches an agile and unified platform that brings balance to the digital art industry by empowering Designers, Photographers, and animal lovers. Unlike Bitcoin, each ColorPets NFT has a unique property and tends to represent ownership of a specific work of art. It offers three main characteristics:-

– Indivisibility of art

– Unique & Verifiable Identity

– Versatile platform

The top-most priority of this platform is to promote potential digital art. During the launch of ColorPets, the team added that it is an excellent ecosystem for those who are fond of the photograph or loves to draw animals and makes money out of it.

The Color Pets token name is ‘CLP’ token. The Graphical user interface is unified, clean, and navigable which makes it a simplified marketplace for every user regardless of its technical background. So any novice can also make money by selling their digital artwork.

Daiki, founder of Color Pets, said at the launch event, “ColorPets is not a one-day project. We understand the pain of artists. We have been seeing that there are plenty of fraud places that include the sale of false artwork and false submission to original work.

To eliminate this kind of problem, blockchain plays an integral role to resolve copyright and ownership of original art issues. So, we analyzed the NFT market comprehensively and had long meetings with the experts. And then COLORPETS comes into the existence. Our NFT marketplace is excellent for photographers who want to sell their digital artwork in an emerging marketplace and makes money out of it. We are very excited about the unlimited opportunities the color pets open up.”

What’s More – Recently, ColorPets had a successful safest and risk-free PRE-SALE before the platform is launched where anyone can buy the token. In the pre-sale, the ColorPets remarkably collected 70 BNB in just 2 hours. To make the NFT exchange facile, the CLP token is listed on PancakeSwap and soon will list itself on other biggest decentralized exchange mediums such as WhiteBIT, GateIO, MXC, BakerySwap etc . A great alternative to Ethereum, so, any person can buy the NFT without any fail. 

Above all, people will get the ColorPets mobile application for iOS and Android supported smartphone, which includes the wallet and facility to earn CLP with gaming. Currently, the app development is in the Beta phase.

About ColorPets:-

ColorPets is a leading and versatile platform for digital arts. Since the establishment ColorPets, has made a bold commitment to creating an ecosystem to advertise Animal Lovers, Designers, and Photographers. Millions of people use ColorPets to manage, create, and trade non-fungible token. ColorPets is a team of enthusiastic people who are unified by a mission to engineer digital art to the next level. To learn more about the company visit

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