Indigenous people are here, they are strong, and they are thriving

Author of upcoming book, Wild Woman; Master the Art of Pride, Presence and Productivity addresses that despite Canada enforcing residential schools, Indigenous people are here, are strong and are thriving.

Geraldine “Ger” Carriere addresses the war within by uncovering the roles indigenous people are forced to live in, balancing tradition and new world ways of life.

Intergenerational trauma from residential schools’ effects was a factor that affected Ger throughout her life. This resulted in a lifelong healing and why she started her business and wrote her book to help other indigenous people overcome these issues as well.

This book is a result of the resiliency of one young woman’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Ger is embarking in the business world proving to others what breaking ground should look like.

This results in not letting go of her culture and moving forward in a way that gives light to living in the modern world we live in. The past of the residential schools affected all indigenous people, but Ger says it doesn’t have to define us.

We go from being our fathers- daughters to our husbands- wives to our children’s- mothers; never knowing or even asking what we want for ourselves. We tend to lose and sacrifice who we really are. We feel lost, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.”

This book helps you to rediscover and reconnect to your true essence, to become the Wild Woman that you have always been: One that is mythical, matriarchal, and intuitive. This woman embodies a sense of Pride, Presence and Productivity. She takes back her power by infusing these ideologies into her lifestyle, allowing herself to say no, set boundaries, and ask for what she wants. She puts herself first. The result, a feminine, fun, fulfilled and fearless woman. The importance of what she speaks of is not just her voice but all Indigenous women. Very little strong voices of Indigenous women exist. She is adding onto the list that is growing.

The Author

Against all odds, Ger brought herself out from an upbringing filled with alcoholism, foster homes, racism and poverty to become an influential savvy businesswoman. Her mission is to empower woman to live from their divine feminine space reminding them of their true power, breathing life into their dreams without ever having to sacrifice their creativity. She is the face of those stuck in patterns of fear-based mentalities showing them that the impossible is truly possible.

Being an Indigenous woman, she has built a business geared towards helping woman, as well as co-founding the Indigenous Woman’s business panel, a showcasing event featuring designers, musicians, models, and entrepreneurs. She speaks and shares what matriarchy is around the globe igniting Wild Woman everywhere.

As well as being a previous reporter for CBC News, a host of many documentaries, web series’ and and featured in many print, television, and online publications, she has strong presence in the arts world as a recording artist and stylist. She is sure to provoke the divinity inside of you.

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