ClearSight Announces Release of New Job Platform Based on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency pioneers have goal to release entire employment solution platform in Q1 2022

Dubai, UAE / SEAPRWire / August 12, 2021 / ClearSight has announced the launch of its new blockchain platform for the freelance sector. ClearSight is a global freelance platform offering freelance employment solutions based on the utilization of legitimate, reliable, de-centralized technology.

Blockchain and smart contracts form the basis of the interactive platform. The new rollout is designed to help employers identify and hire freelance professionals who fit available job requirements and vice versa. The ClearSight ecosystem is backed up with a BSC-based token, allowing an ideal user experience among its members.

There will be a wallet registered as the referenced address. The address will be connected to a unique gig and freelancers will also be able to verify an employer review that shows reliability, solvency, how the employer treats workers and whether payment amounts are as expected. Every profile will be verified and identified by blockchain, eliminating hacking, fraud or theft.

“At ClearSight we are committed to reducing these fees with blockchain technology to create a better future for freelancers. Our user-friendly platform allows gig workers to easily access their money using a Visa Debit Card,” said a spokesperson for ClearSight. “Freelancers are given a portal and a digital identity, with which they can manage their professional profiles. The dedicated and secure system protects people from theft and fraud. With over 21 billion exchangeable tokens, ClearSight offers relatively lower transaction costs that are extremely safe and fast.”

The freelance sector works in almost every industry, attracting a remote workforce. Freelancers use their own mobile IT devices and services. Yet, when these freelancers are to be paid, delivery of payment solutions, identity and high transaction fees give freelancers pause as to how much they really receive per hour compared to what they originally expected.

ClearSight is dedicated to helping freelancers because it understands how freelancers have been tormented by freelance gig websites taking an unfair, huge commission fee or percentage of their income. More of a freelancer’s income can be taken if a gig service is subcontracted by employers registered through yet another freelance website. When it comes to cryptocurrency, users need to pay only a network fee. This fee is considerably lower on the BSC network as compared to other networks and these networks are faster.

Freelancers make up 57% of the active workers in the United States and over 50% of millennials have joined the gig economy. In Europe, as of 2017, over 9 million professionals were working as freelancers. This is an increase of 126% of workers transitioning from a traditional workforce to a freelance paradigm. Employers can now attract global talent and manage administrative requirements without the cost of HR overhead. There also is no need for third-party recruiting costs.

ClearSight is protecting freelancers with:

Data Ownership – User data such as certificates, ratings and reviews will be stored on the BCS blockchain. Users will always own their unique profile data.

Copywriting – The BSC profile provides a proof of work algorithm for freelancers by imprinting every creation in its token, giving all rights to the freelance client. It will also feature an automatic escrow payment, designed to give clients an exclusive right to a particular delivery.

Transaction Fees – ClearSight will use tokens. For international transactions, the use of blockchain smart contracts will stop reliance on banks and other intermediaries. For freelancers, using tokens reduces transaction fees and platform costs.

The spokesperson explained, “We believe that the newest challenge and trend in the workforce and corporations is peer-to-peer collaboration. Is the employee reliable with appropriate credentials and able to meet deadlines? Is an employer financially solvent and able to pay for the work, or will the gig worker be ‘stiffed,’ as some famous contractors have done; contractors whom have never paid for good, honest work rendered on behalf of an employer?”

The ClearSight platform DAPPs will help freelancers to display proof of their records and reviews from previous employers. The entire process will be stored on the blockchain. The company aims to redefine the employment sector with the integration of blockchain technology, ensuring data verification and transparency for both employers and freelancers.

For more information, visit The ClearSight team will be exhibiting the platform at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 this October 13-14.

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