BraveDoge Unveils Listing of Its Coin For Presale Organize On 1st September 2021

The famous and trending BraveDoge is all set to list the token for presale officially. This presale will organize on 1st September 2021. This sale will open new opportunities for the users to get the most of this sale while bringing resilient protection.

The BraveDoge, a meme coin with an additional layer of security based on blockchain, inspired by Dogecoin, today excitedly announced that it had listed its impeccable token for the presale. An eminent token featured a Shiba-Inu with an attractive golden chain and a shiny tag in the middle.

This fantastic and most trending PRESALE takes place on 1st of September 2021. It is one of the immense opportunities for folks to get a massive return on investment because the global market of blockchain expects to grow exponentially by the year 2025. The cherry on the cake is that BraveDoge has an incredibly high transactional speed than Bitcoin, which means the coin is available all the time. According to the survey, the BraveDoge will act as a new charming and profitable wave in the domain of meme coin.

The meme coin indeed has a massive following in the crypto world, and it holds a colossal investment than ever before. Most of the investors belong to Millenials, and Gen Z. This listing will help the folks understand how Dogecoin made unrealistic promises with terrible tokenomics and got hype because of eminent personalities like Elon Musk. On the other side, the adept BraveDoge has been trying to provide all the success that Dogecoin never facilitates. Folks can get a clear vision by looking at its systematic and successful roadmap that ultimately leads to success before joining the presale. The entire roadmap has four significant distinct quarters.

The First Quadrant or Q1 comprises of –

Creation of token and its successful deploymentDevelopment of BraveDoge websiteSocial communities buildingAvailability of Presale listingPancakeswap ListingLiquidity LockedLaunch of WhitepaperCoingecko & Coinmarketcap ListingContract Audit      

The Second Quadrant or Q2 comprises of

Captured massive marketGrowth of our communityAmbassadors’ applicationsRamp up the exchange listing on multiple platforms

The Third Quadrant or Q3 comprises of

Performed Crypto Influencer MarketingBraveDoge swapAnnouncement of ambassadorBuild new partnerships

The Fourth Quadrant or Q4 comprises of

Reached the 500+million market cap milestoneArranged Influencer’s contestLaunch to staking & farmingBraveDoge mobile applicationBraveDoge successful NFT Participation

The CEO said at the launch of the event – “We are so proud to list BraveDoge token on presale. Since our crypto-token is well equipped with blockchain security, this presale exposure will lead many folks to invest in it and get most of it. Predictably, crypto will be going to be the currency of the future. Thus, it will be an excellent opportunity for people to invest in it. But, do not count on my word; just analyze it yourself and make a smart move with BraveDoge. The time would come when BraveDoge will play a key role between the global communities and the decentralized world. This presale will facilitate your passive income and gives back with generosity.”

What’s more – At the event, it was declared that all the holders of BRAVE tokens would get 2% of all the trade volume. It is an excellent medium to attract new potential holders.

About BraveDoge

BraveDoge is an independent meme token inspired by Dogecoin. It resolves three significant problems of the crypto-coin market – Transaction Speed, Crypto Security, and Return of Investment. It is a great coin that fulfills the requirement of the Doge community. To know more information, visit –

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